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Naskah Drama Bahasa Inggris (7 Pemain)

Bawang Merah and Bawang Putih

Once upon a time, there was a girl named Bawang putih. Two days ago, her mother was dead. Now her father takes Mrs. Rika as Bawang putih’s stepmother and Bawang merah becomes Bawang putih‘s stepsister.
Stepmother       :I will love Bawang putih like my daughter too.
Father               :I hope you care about herself.
Stepmother       :I hope too.
Father               :Now I’ll work in other city. Tomorrow I’ll go to work at 6 o’clock at morning. Can you
                          Protect our daughters?
Stepmother       :They are good children. I’m sure I can.
Father               :Good

In the morning,
Father               :Bawang putih, I’ll go to work in other city for some days. Any problem with you?
Bawang putih    :Don’t worry, I’ll be okay.
Father               :I hope you can help your mother at home. What kind of souvenir do you want?
Bawang merah  :I want a beautiful dress and a new necklace, dad!
Father               :I’ll bring that for you. Bawang putih, what do you want?
Bawang putih    :I want a fish. Can you bring it for me?
Father               :Of course baby, Okay, time is out. Good Bye.
BM and BP       :Good Bye Dad.

BM, BP and
Stepmother        :Be careful!!

When father was going to work, the cruel stepmother torture Bawang putih with a lot of home works. One day, Bawang putih was washing clothes. Suddenly Bawang merah came to meet her.
Bawang merah  :Hey Bawang putih, father has been arrived at home, don’t say anything about us to him.
Bawang putih    :Ok sister I’ll keep my promise. I won’t say anything to him.

Bawang merah  :Yeah…I wish you can. Because if you say something to him,you can get problems, Come
                              on, go back home! He waited us now!
When night was coming, father came into Bawang putih’s bedroom. He touched Bawang putih’s foot, and suddenly…….
Bawang Putih    :Awww……
Father                   :What’s wrong, girl? Any problem with your foot?
Bawang putih    :No…no….no problem. I’m okay.

But father forced to raise Bawang Putih’s dress, and……
Father                   :Putih……who made it, baby?
Bawang putih    :I fooled when I washed in the river.
Father               :No. I’ts not commotion. Please be honest to me!

                Bawang putih couldn’t lie to her father. Finally she started to tell her touched story to her father. But, it was late. Before her father came into Bawang Putih’s bedroom, He was giving all of his wealth to his wife. And now his wife who hear their statement go into Bawang Putih’s bedroom and say……
Stepmother       :You….! get out from my house!!!! Now, you’ll become a vagrant!!!!
Finally Bawang putih and her father go out from their house. Now, they were walking without destination. But in the journey they meet someone…
Lawyer              :Hi….Mr. Hadi !!What are you doing here ?? And……what’s that?? Why you bring so many bags?
Father                :I was cheated with Bawang merah’s mother. They were made me suffering with my just
                              one daughter. I hope you can help me.
Lawyer              :I can do anything to help you, guys!! Now, you can stay in my house for sometimes.
Father                :Thanks Friend, you are the best.
Bawang putih     :Thank, Sir!!

After carry out to several court session. Bawang putih and her father got his wealth again. And Bawang merah with her mother give way to jail.
                After court session finished, Arga as Bawang Putih’s boyfriend came together with her mother.

Arga                   :Putih……I care about your problems. Therefore, I come her with my mother to propose
                              marriage you Putih.
Arga’s Mother    :Yes  Putih. I like your personal sign. You are the good girl and I think you are the best
                               wife for my son. Do you want to married with my son?
Bawang Putih      :Yes, I want, but…..
Father                 :I agree with your choice, baby.
Bawang putih      :Thanks father. I love you so much!!!
Arga                   :I promise to make Putih be happy. I will not make she feel sad.
Arga mother        :I hope you can do that. I always pray for your happy.

Finally, They can live with happy ever after.


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